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Sr. No. Product Name Formula/Grade Usage Features
1 Butyl Rubber bk1675n - Innerliner, Innertube, -
2 Butyl XButyl 301, 402 Innerliner, Innertube, Damper,
Mount, Sealant, Adhesive
Gas impermeability,
Damping Property
3 Halobutyl Bromobutyl (BBX2) Chlorobutyl(CB1240) - Faster cure, Better
4 EPDM Keltan Industrial parts, Weatherstrip Weather resistance,
Heat resistance
5 NBR Krynac, Perbunan O-ring, Printing Blanket, Printing Roller Oil resistance
6 NBR Powder Baymod N XL 38.43 Break lining, Plastic modifier Hot, Cross-linked
special grade
7 CR Baypren Industrial parts, Auto parts Adhesive General rubber
8 Butyl Reclaim Rubber RBR70, RBR7050 Innerliner, Innertube, Sealant, Damper For butyl compound modification
9 Blended Polymers Blended IIR, Blended BIIR, Blended CIIR, Reprocess PBD, SSBR, EPDM Innerliner, Innertube, Sealant, Damper For economical
the rubber compound
10 NBR/PVC BQ/NV3470 Industrial goods Economical NBR/PVC
11 NBR Latex Synthomer Gloves Economical / Special
grades available
12 Epoxidized Natural Rubber ENR25, ENR50 Sealant, Adhesive, Plastic modifier Special NR with Oil
resist, damping &
adhesion properties
13 PVC Compound - - Injection & Extrusion
14 SBR 1500 SKS-30 ARK Grade Cold Polymerized Emulsion The rubber is used quite extensively in
production of tires, camelback, molded
and extruded mechanical goods.
15 SBR 1507 SKMS-30 ARKM-15 Sbr 1507 is a general purpose rubber.
It can be used in the production of
tires, tubes, conveyor belts, cable
jackets, footwear, and various technical articles.
16 SBR 1705 SKS-30 ARKM-15 Oil-Extended - -
17 SBR 1502 Cold Polymerized Emulsion End uses include white sidewall tires,
footwear, light & dark colored
mechanical goods & miscellaneous
items where excellent physical properties & minimum discoloration and staining are required
Light tan color, Excellent
tensile strength, High
abrasion & tear resis.,
High processability
compared to natural rubber, Easy vulcanization, and stable scorch properties
18 SKS-30 ARKPN SBR 1502 Grade Cold Polymerized Emulsion SBR 1502 is a general-purpose rubber,
used for white walls, light-colored footwear and other light colored mechanical goods applications